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Asian Celebrities and Fashion: the new wave is here

We’re used to see celebrities from Hollywood promoting luxury brands in ads both online and offline, on billboards in the cities or on tv. Now it seems that there’s a new wave of ambassadors that designers choose to represent starting from their clothes, all the way, to beauty. This brings me to the growing Asian representation. Which, by the way, it was about time for them to give them the recognition they deserve.

Louis Vuitton

Oh dear, who doesn’t love a LV bag, or the high-end leather? Even their watches are amazing. But we’re here to talk about their house appointed ambassadors just before the brand’s artistic director sadly passed away last year. BTS became part of the LV family of ambassadors and they even walked for the Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 in Seoul.

Now, the popularity that BTS have is tremendous. Every brand wants to collaborate with them and it took them years to sign with a fashion house. The members are known to wear clothes according to their style and what they like, although they had previous deals with sportswear brands such as Puma and Fila.

Italian designer and brand’s chief creative officer of Versace, Donatella, seems to be a fan of the band as she took a picture with them back in March at the Grammy’s. And we have to keep in mind that Versace and Louis Vuitton are competitors.  

HoYeon Jung, the actress from “Squid Game” was also names as Global House Ambassador last October. She has worked with the brand in the past too, walking the runway.


If you like the glamour, sophistication and elegance, then Dior is the one for you. Jisoo from Blackpink represents the brand for both Fashion and Beauty. She was named an official ambassador in 2021.

Add to this, that she has just become a representative of Cartier.


Another luxury brand which is known for the class and prestige they deliver through their creations. They appointed Korean singer, Jennie, as house ambassador over three years ago and starred in the campaigns.

She appeared in the most recent Channel campaign for jewelry. And it’s worth to mention that she works with Calvin Klein, too.

Saint Laurent

One of my favourites ever since I was a kid, that’s for sure. I’ve always loved their creations which truly are timeless. The style and quality, sure hit different. Rosé was named as ambassador back in 2020 and has starred in a campaign and various magazine covers wearing pieces from the brand. She also works with jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co.


Someone who deserves a mention here is Lisa. The Thai-born singer has bagged contracts with Bulgari, Celine and Mac Cosmetics, given the fact that her social media power is huge.

The list could go on and on. Italian fashion brands are appointing Asian celebrities in hopes to reach other audiences, such as IU for Gucci, and Jackson Wang for Fendi.

So I tried my best to cover this topic, it could take more time to talk about this but if you liked it, please give it a like and don’t forget to share. Until the next one :))


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