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What no one tells you about the process of healing.

Let’s be honest here: how many of us want to sit around, do nothing for 24 hours, and watch tv? Or how many of us prefer to stay the same and then wonder why life sucks?

Sometimes it’s ok to stop, take a deep breath, and recharge. It’s like pushing a reset button.

But there are other times when life decides to make it difficult for you and makes you hit rock bottom which, truth being said, feels horrible. Your mind starts going places you never thought it would.

Then questions such as: “why me?” “why do I have to suffer and go through this?” and so on. One thing for sure is that life isn’t easy for anyone at all. Life is meant to challenge us and make us grow. Staying the same won’t get us anywhere.  Yes, some people may have it easier than others, or maybe it is just the way it’s seen from one’s view.

Back to the main point: once you hit that rock bottom, you have two choices. Yes, only two. Either stay there and sink or start putting up a fight and swim till you reach the top. Easier said than done, I know.

You see, if you take this and apply it to your day-to-day life, you may soon understand that everything comes up to just a change of perspective. Just like switching up a button. When you decide that you are tired of staying in the same place, understand that the only one that can make your life better is you and that the one you should go to war against to is you. Suddenly everything changes.

Life simply does a 180 and you will find yourself being uncomfortable and challenged. That’s the moment when the real journey starts.

Healing is a difficult, long process. It will make you feel so uncomfortable that it will bring you to the point where you will enjoy it. You’ll understand that both good and bad days can coexist. You will find your life purpose and become a new version of yourself. Here’s a spoiler though: it will get lonely for a while and you will only understand it when you say the word: “enough”.

Truth is, even though it’s painful it is so so worth it. Life will challenge you if you don’t do something to change your situation. It will force you to come out of your comfort.

There’s this quote that you may like: “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person as you walked in”.

Life itself is a blessing and we have only one chance at it. Time is so precious and we should make the most of it because wasted time does not come back.

This journey is an ongoing one, it never really stops. People are constantly changing and nothing is for sure. Just like everything is temporary, so are our emotions both good and bad.

You can’t know the good without knowing the bad, and can’t know the bad without knowing the good.

If you have a purpose for the goal, you should pour everything into it to make it come to reality but what truly matters is the process. Getting uncomfortable will make you realize how unstoppable you are.

So, do not be afraid to dive into the unknown, because it might turn out better than you could have possibly ever imagined.

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Until the next one! 😊


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