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The truth of moving abroad

Leaving your home town can either be hard or easy. Depending on your situation, you will either feel relieved that you got away from there or you’ll feel nostalgic and like a piece of your soul stays behind.

Both cases come with the same outcome though: a new beginning. It’s the perspective that makes an actual difference. Some people may see it as a chance to a new life, a brighter future where they are the one controlling and adjusting it to their liking. A chance to finally outgrow your surroundings and understand what life is actually like.

Feeling lost in the beginning

Others may feel like their whole world is crumbling, that everything they have built up till that moment will remain forever in the past with no chance of getting it back.

One thing is for sure when you make the decision of taking this step you will be forced out of your comfort zone. You will realize how the world actually works, and how your old environment, whether it was good or toxic, affected your mental health.

Starting new

Those who had been through tough times, take it as a chance to get their wings back and build a new life from scratch. They get their hope and desire to live again. As for the others, who have a hard time saying goodbye, they have it the harder to adjust. Of course, this depends on one’s circumstances.

Knowing there’s someone there waiting for you

Once you get off that plane your new reality finally hits you. It’s like waking up in a whole other place where you know no one and no one knows you. However, if you have a family there that can help you and guide you in your first year in a new country, count it as a real blessing. Someone who will actually help you every step of the way.

What if you don’t know anyone? Or don’t even know the language? In that case, you will try your best to make it. Or at least, have rented a place to stay for the new 6 months or so, and a job offer to take on.

Discovering a whole new world

While discovering the new culture and its people, you will see how the mentality differs from one country to another. How people live either more freely or have more, let’s call it, restricted lives. Again, depending on the country that you chose to move to.

You will get the chance to taste new food, meet people, visit places and make new memories.

Being young  

If you’re young and all you have done was studying up till that moment, oh boy. It will be like a wake-up call. You will be faced with situations that no one teaches you in school.

You grow

The best part is that even though the beginning is hard, you get to decide for yourself. Master your own destiny and become confident in your own abilities to do things you never thought you would do on your own.

Moving abroad makes you become the person you were meant to become. The adult you needed beside you when you were a kid. It gives you the chance to explore the world and become wiser. It gives you the wings to fly high if you know where to search.

The beginning may be the hardest but what is on the other side might turn up to be more prosperous and better than you have ever thought. It’s an experience worth so much and that no one else beside you can offer to yourself.

These are some of my thought about my experience of moving and living in another country.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Until the next one. Bye :))


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