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Anti bucket-list

We often talk about our goals and the content we have on our bucket lists, but we rarely that we see people talk about their anti-bucket lists.

So here are some ideas for an anti-bucket list could contain:

  • Being in the wrong company – whether it is a relationship, or a friendship, being in a bad company can be exhausting for our mental health. If we stay in a situation like this long enough, it could lead to a change in our behavior and how we perceive ourselves. Better alone, than in the wrong company.
  • Getting a divorce- now, I’m sure no one gets married just to get a divorce right after but imagine having children and having to tell them that you and your partner are getting separated. That’s a big no.
  • Care about others’ opinions about you – listen, what you do is no one’s business, and what they do ain’t your business. Period.
  • Waste time – time is precious, however we really this kind of late in our journey. But hey, better later than never, right?
  • Putting everyone else above you – I know that it is important to be empathetic and care about others, but doing this constantly while forgetting about your needs can actually cause more mental health damage than you know.
  • Spend time thinking dwelling on the past – what happened, happened. You can not do anything to change it, so might as well just move on and find solutions (if necessary).
  • Eating too much junk food – this is debating, but it will eventually catch up with you and your body will tell you to pause and make a change.
  • Crying about bad grades – we’ve all been there, but really, this isn’t the end of the world.
  • Awkward situations – some may be embarrassing but truly, think about it this way: will it matter five years from now? Most likely not.
  • Trusting too much – this along with loyalty comes with an expiration date. Watch out who you trust.
  • Sharing too much with the wrong people – sometimes is better to keep things to yourself. People tend to ruin things. Harsh, I know. But true, nonetheless.
  • Believing your parents know everything – spoiler alert: they don’t. As you get older you realize your parents are just like you. They are trying to get their life together and still learn along the way. They can be wrong too and there is nothing bad with that.
  • Expect an apology – not everyone will be sorry for what they did to you. Sometimes it’s better to move on and let karma do her thing.

Anti bucket lists can be used as a type of guide to know what you would never want to do or go through. Think of it this way: once you figure out what you don’t like to do, you will have a list of things that you like and can focus on those. It’s more like positive vs negative type of thing.


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