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How social media changed the perception we have of our bodies

Ever since social media become a huge part of our lives, with hours a week spent scrolling on our Instagram feeds, the beauty standards have been constantly changing. From the “ideal” hourglass figure, all the way to the tall and skinny type.

It’s fair to say that certain celebrities have played a big part in this while sharing their “perfect” bodies curated in Photoshop on Instagram. Not trying to point fingers here, because if you have it, you should flaunt it. Especially if you feel good in your own skin, which the majority should set as a goal, or a part o the list of goals.

The following of these celebs, play too, a big part in this.

This is a big and kind of controversial topic because celebrities shouldn’t exactly be blamed directly for how someone else perceives their body. However, when you get to a certain degree of fame, be it big or small, you get to have a big influence on people. Whether some famous people choose to accept or deny this, it’s their own business.

Let’s take a look at Adele. She’s been “objectified her entire career”. Always been labeled as too “big” or too “small”. She started working out because of her anxiety and that led to her losing weight but she also started a big truth and that is: she is not responsible “to validate how people feel about their bodies”.

Normally, people go to the gym to achieve the results they want, whether it is looking better, losing weight, or maybe they go there just for their mental health because they can feel that working out actually keeps them grounded. Fast forward to the end of their training session, and they post a selfie on stories. That’s the result of their hard work, of hours spent in the gym working to better themselves. You can’t exactly get mad at them. Jealous? Most likely. But you have to realize the effort that has been put in order to get into that shape.

You cannot expect to achieve the same thing if you do not put in the work.

If you put this into another perspective, it will be like this: a celebrity who just finished a workout decided to post on their story and everyone is celebrating and admiring that person and have thoughts like “damn, I wish I looked like that”. It’s almost the same exact thing, just a different person.

The biggest thing these have in common? None of these people are responsible for your body, or the way you perceive yourself. It’s you who should decide the way you think and what you think when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Let’s go back to the beginning though.

What the majority of people have yet to realize is that we, ourselves, are the ones who get to decide how much we let a picture posted on Instagram affect us.

It would be a hypocrite to deny how much certain types of body shapes have been glorified, starting from social media all the way to the fashion industry, which by the way, is just starting to get more inclusive. People need to see more realness instead of photoshopped pictures.

Yes, that person in the picture looks amazing, but is it the type of body that I want to see every time? Shouldn’t we get to see a wider range of models with every damn possible height and weight? As a customer who doesn’t exactly fit the “standard body”, shouldn’t you get the chance to buy something for your own size?

From a marketing point of view, this is to the advantage of the brands as well. The wider the range, the bigger the profit. Rihanna understood that really well. From her lingerie collection which includes all sizes to her makeup brand which has 50 foundation shades. Talk about profit and range. She listened to the customers and delivered.

To conlcude,

The whole point of this article or post, call it however you want really, was to spread the message that you should love yourself the way you are. You can weigh more or less than others, scale is just a number that will always fluctuate. If you want to work out and move your body, do it because it has benefits. But the most important prize and priority should be your health. As long as you are healthy, who cares what that number on the scale says? Be happy in your own skin and grateful for that beautiful body that helps you do so many things during the day and takes you wherever you need or have to go.

Do not let social media or others dictate how you should feel about yourself. You are unique in your own way and the only reason you should ever change is to become your best self, professionally or personally. It’s your decision, YOUR body. Be proud of yourself.

It’s kind of hard to cover this topic since it’s a big one.

But if I put a smile on your face, then I’m happy.

Until the next one. Bye!


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