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Go-to breakfast ideas for weight loss

Weight loss can be a hard process to navigate through. Choosing your first meal of the day can be quite challenging if you are running low on time or a budget. Here’s a list of what can be called “healthier” breakfast choices.

  • Apples – you can’t go wrong with this one. Fruits, especially after a two-hour training session are the best option when it comes to recovery and keeping your body hydrated.
  • Yogurt – I do not usually eat yogurt for breakfast, I’d rather have it for lunch if I do want food that can be a bit heavy for my stomach. Lately, though, I started pairing it with fruits such as oranges, apples, apricot, grapes, peaches and even grapefruit. Add two or three biscuits to this and you are good to go. Shall I add the high levels of protein, vitamins, and calcium?
  • Grapefruit – since the first meal of the day is usually after the training sessions end, fruits are my go-to favorites. You cannot go wrong with them. Among the benefits besides that it keeps you hydrated, grapefruits help with weight loss, support your heart health and promote better brain function.
  • Eggs – fried eggs taste good but, boiled eggs are the better option if you are trying to lose weight. They are low in calories, reduce bloating, are high in Omega-3, and keep you full. They are a good option for lunch as well. Pair them with veggies and fish, and you will be full for the next hours.
  • Bananas – are high in potassium and fiber. These with anything, or almost anything. They help you feel fuller because they take longer to be digested and help improve blood sugar levels.
  • Black coffee – my absolute favorite to keep me awake and full of energy but if you decide to have it on an empty stomach, depending on your health condition, then it can make you hungry sooner than you wished.

These are just some aliments that I have tried so far and that really help your weight loss and health improve. However, it takes a while to discover which one actually works for your body and you have to be patient.

Thank you for reading. See you on the next one. Bye!


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