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Favorite Spanish Dishes

Ever since I moved to Spain I have been curious to get a taste of their local cuisine or food, while still keeping in mind that I have to make healthier choices when it comes to my diet and lifestyle in general. Even though I have lived here before, when I was a kid basically for two years, I did not remember much about the Spanish dishes.

However, for the past year, I have got the chance to get an actual taste of Spanish cuisine, and to say that I was not disappointed is a complete understatement. If I am being honest till the very end, it competes with Italian and French cuisines. But hey, maybe it’s just me and my personal taste. Anyways, here you have a list of some of the best and tasty Spanish food or dishes you should travel if you ever decide to travel to this country.

  • Empanada

Most people most likely heard at least once about this dish. It is popular not only in Spain but in other Latin American countries and even the Philippines. There are different types of empanadas you can choose from empanada con Jamon y queso (cheese and bacon), empanada con Carne (with meat) all the way to empanada con atun (with tuna). If you want to give it a try, you should go for the one with cheese though, you can never go wrong with it.

  • Roscón

Now, this is a baked dessert. You usually find it in bakeries during Los Reyes Magos in January, Easter, or when godparents gift one to their godchildren, or vice versa (depending on the region). It is a sweet bread-based ring-shaped dessert and filled with chocolate truffle or strawberry cream, but there are others that are not filled at all. P.S. All taste good but the chocolate one is really yummy.

  • Croquettes

What do you get from combining bechamel sauce fried with Jamon Serrano? The perfect ham croquettes. You can cook them even with potatoes, too. But these go with anything. They truly taste the best, add some French fries to your plate, along with meat and you have the perfect meal for lunch or dinner.

  • Churrasco

This is the Spanish and Portuguese name for beef or grilled meat. Spanish, especially in the region of Galicia really enjoy this one. If you go to a Spanish local restaurant you will find it paired with fries, rice and sauce. Besides tasting delicious, obviously, you will be full after eating half of the plate.

  • Churros

I am sure almost everyone has heard of churros and chocolate but they go well paired with coffee, too. They are made of fried dough. They have similar ingredients to donuts, in case you never tried them before. Oh, and before I forget, they can come with cinnamon or caramel, too. Talk about variety.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing eat. Even though I try to have a more balanced diet and lifestyle, I am still a foodie at heart. Sometimes you have to stop for a moment and enjoy the food because we’re humans and it’s normal to eat.


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