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Why your 20s should be about you

Are you in your 20s and feeling pressure to have your life figured out already? Almost every single one of your family members telling you what you are supposed to be doing or how to act? Or maybe they criticize you and don’t even ask you how you’re feeling? I’m here to tell you to pause for a second and take a deep breath then exhale.

It’s okay to feel lost

It’s ok not to know what your next step is going to be. It’s ok to be single and do something to discover yourself and search for your purpose. A relationship should not be the primary goal to achieve at such a young age or the so-called standard which you can use to judge whether someone is being successful in life or not.

What if we’d make our twenties about achieving our goals, traveling the world, fail then getting back up. Meeting new people, having fun, and experiencing all the things we never thought we would.

Discover yourself

What if you first need to discover ourselves, get your priorities straight, have a good income, and then think about having children? Your 20s should be about YOU becoming the best version of yourself, so then you actually can raise a child. Because, truth being said, raising a child is no joke. It’s a responsibility for the rest of your life.

This generation is separated from the former through the fact that we are trying to heal and accept ourselves the way we are. Young people are doing this in order not to repeat old toxic cycles that should have ended long ago in our families.

Relationships are not the answer

We should be encouraged to find true happiness within ourselves instead of jumping into relationships that will end up failing simply because of others’ opinions or because we’re scared to be lonely.

Before being together with someone, make sure you are at peace on your own. You should not need someone in your life. There is a big difference between WANT and NEED. One that not a lot of people understand

On the other hand, the older generation is used to accepting anything that they think makes them happy or accepting any type of behavior from their partner just not to be left alone, which is really sad and should not be promoted.

You should be your number one priority

What if we make a change and start accepting only what is right for us? What if we stop chasing people and chase our dreams instead? Why? Because the people that are meant to be and stay in our life will find us no matter what. You don’t have to chase what is already yours, you just have to wait for the right timing for it to show up. In the meantime, you should focus on yourself because at the end of the day, you are the only constant in your life.


As it was my birthday last month, I took some time to reflect on what turning 23 means to me and how I can maximize time and make the most of every opportunity I get.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Until next time! Bye 😊


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