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How to avoid burnout

Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health. After all, “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) could not get any more real.

Living in such a fast-paced era can affect us more than we know. Starting with problems at the workplace and not solving them can take a toll on our professional lives. Add to this, family problems that most likely everyone goes through, just a different type and you have the perfect combo of stress, lack of sleep, and anxiety.

This whole salad of affections (for the lack of a better word) can lead to burnout which translates to exhaustion. The feelings of overwhelmedness, the emotional drain, and the inability to keep up with the current events in our lives can become a new reality that will make you feel trapped in a cage without escape.

Recent studies have shown that burnout keeps rising, even more after the world has been hit by the pandemic two years ago. People of all ages have been experiencing stress and mental health challenges.

It’s hard to avoid this however it’s important to know that there are some ways that can be helpful in order to avoid it.

Take breaks from time to time

The first one would be taking a break. I know, I know. Everyone keeps saying this but the benefits are real. Taking some time for yourself to recharge can improve your mood, reduce stress and even increase productivity. If you cannot do it often make sure to have 10 to 30 minutes a day to yourself and meditate. This will help you think more clearly and give some perspective.

Create a schedule

A schedule will very much come in handy during this time. Knowing ahead what you have to do during the day and managing your time can give you some sense of control and not that everything seems like is falling apart.

Get moving

Start exercising. Forget about getting in shape. Yes, what a shocker but, this is about getting the feelings that keep bugging you out. Try jogging, however, if you want something more hardcore let’s say, you should try kickboxing. This will help enhance your mood and feel better for the rest of the day.

Leave work problems at the door

Work-life or office life, whatever you want to call it, should be left outside your door. You already have enough on your plate, so might as well make the time you spend at home a more relaxing one.

Seek professional help

This is a hard one. To get to this point, firstly, you have to admit that you need help. You can try to talk o your family or partner first but, in the case that there are no good results, a professional can be the best option. After all, the perspective they can give you can help you not only now but in the long run as well.

 Life is a journey and problems are a given, no one can escape them but you can find a way to solve them or get as less affected as possible. Nonetheless, these are tests thrown at us meant to teach us lessons so that we can evolve and become better.

Sometimes, although, it can get too much for our mental health and we may feel like we are drowning and there is no escape. It’s our choice whether we let ourselves sink at the bottom or start swimming up to the top. Managing stress won’t be easy but it’s better to search for alternatives and solutions than stay still and do nothing. At the end of the day, we have to remember that we are humans and should show ourselves more kindness and take it easy.

Here’s another post after a while. It’s been a week or so but I’ve been busy with covid and it’s been a ride to say, the least. I’ll try to post more often in the 2nd part of the week.

I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to leave a like and your opinion in the comments section. Until the next one. Bye!


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